Happy Anniversary, Verland!

Happy Anniversary, Verland!

One year ago this month, my first novel Verland: The Transformation revealed the strange secrets, brooding meditations, and astounding transformations long hidden in the pages of a very old, very unique diary. Here’s to an amazing first year, and an eternity to come!

Excerpts from Verland:
–“This is not written for the young or the light of heart, not for the tranquil species of men whose souls are content with the simple pleasures of family, church, or profession. Rather, I write to those beings like myself whose existence is compounded by a lurid intermingling                 of the dark and the light; who can judge rationally and think with reason, yet who feel too keenly and churn with too great a passion; who have an incessant longing for happiness and yet are shadowed by a deep and persistent melancholy—those who grasp gratification where they may, but find no lasting comfort for the soul.”
–It was a good day for talking with the dead.
–Somewhere, on a quiet cul-de-sac in an otherwise perfectly ordinary neighborhood, a vampire had once lived.
–On June 17, 1989, death stepped forward and fully introduced itself, shook her hand and whispered its secret, terrible name into her ear: Never Again.
–“Do you think we’d have any problem selling people on the idea of spending their lives among creatures more magnificent than their wildest imaginings, and then, before they could grow old and useless, sacrificing themselves to a cause so glorious that any other existence would seem meaningless? We’d get so many people lining up that we’d have to turn them away.” (Eliot Kingman)
–“In the end, we leave nothing behind but our stories, and the hope that others will tell them. That’s pretty powerful stuff, even for a vampire. Maybe especially for a vampire.” (Eliot Kingman)
–“Without these words written on these pages, how could I tell madness from sensibility, shadow from substance?” (Verland)
–“When faced with the possibility of eternal life, it’s easy to forget that you’re still living
in the real world.” (Eliot Kingman)
–“I have become adept at living among the lost and forsaken, those unfortunate souls who have crossed into the shadow lands that lie beyond reach of civilized society.” (Verland)
–“You have looked into the darkness and seen the flame that burns there, the light that is a part of darkness itself.” (Verland)
— “Pentimento,Verland, transforms the perception of loss into the promise of reconfiguration.” (Gideon)
–“It’s a weird world out there, Elle. Weirder than most people could ever imagine.” (Gary Holland)
–“None of us had ever done or been anything, had ever mattered even one bit in the world, and now we were finally doing something big, bigger than anything anyone had ever done before.” (Nyholm Quinn)
–“Life continues to be good and worth living.” (Joel Quinn)
–“If you communed with the dead, would you ever risk killing someone?” (Zor Pithador, the Necromancer, also known as Brian Williams)
–“Ha! They knew nothing of a wolf in woman’s clothing!” (Kazamira Anushka Narva)
–“We kill to feed, to live, no worse than a wolf of the forest or a leopard of the jungle. But mankind kills for greed, for power, and also, it seems, for perversions of the most unimaginable kind. No, do not ever compare what we are to the brutal savagery of your so-called humanity!” (Kazamira Anushka Narva)
–“Do not look to the heavens for an answer! Your gods cannot follow you here! Only you can choose, and choose you must, or die like a dog without purpose or will!” (Aslan Radev Movladian, the devil of Nerchinsk)
–“Do you still wish to live?” (The Unknown One)
Readers and Reviewers respond to Verland:

Kirkus Reviews

Verland’s diary overtakes the novel; its elegant style and 19th-century flare provide a noticeable contrast to the main narrative. Perhaps most significantly, as the stories slowly converge, the journal seems more real as Elle’s life becomes more fantastical, cleverly fusing timelines without compromising the diary’s gothic quality. A perfect blend of contemporary and old-fashioned vampire tales, infused with a bounty of panache.
Part detective thriller, horror story and one man’s (vampire) journey through time, “Verland: The Transformation” …has taken its place alongside such modern vampire classics as Salem’s Lot, They Thirst, The Vampire Hunters, Lost Souls, Carrion Comfort and The Traveling Vampire Show, and also alongside the granddaddy of them all Dracula. It is that good.

Amazon Reader Review

Verland: The Transformation is much more than a ‘horror’ or ‘vampire’ tale. It is a story that brings forth the extreme tumult of human emotions to which we can all relate. Verland is a vampire, but he will teach you humanity and dignity.


Verland: The Transformation is a meditation upon mortality: a thinking reader’s vampire novel. Even so, there exists enough creepiness to satisfy people who just love a good scare…
From exploring ancient practices such as cannibalism and cremation to challenging our basic beliefs about death and the afterlife, Verland: The Transformation makes you think.
With its variety of subject matters I can see Verland will not just appeal to horror fans out there. It is a tale of crime, history and passion, and while there are some graphic parts that will keep the horror fans interested, it is not all the book has to offer which is really refreshing.

Amazon Reader Review
This book made me look at the whole idea of immortality in a different light. I connected with Verland in the fact that he has been an outsider, has suffered much loss, and yet continues to search for answers. Our kindred souls united while reading his story. It was amazing, and a story I will not soon forget.