The Oracle Bone

The Oracle Bone

The Horror Society’s Dangers Untold anthology, which includes my short story “The Oracle Bone,” is now available for purchase!

“We think a monster can at least be killed; it’s flesh and blood.
Therefore it can die.
If it doesn’t die, it will always be there—lurking in our shadows.”

Dangers Untold isn’t your normal horror anthology; not a vampire, zombie or werewolf to be found. Filled with unusual monsters and unexpected terror, Dangers Untold is a series of seventeen short stories from horror industry professionals who have a different take on what makes for good horror. From a legend come true to hidden artifacts in the ice to a child’s playmate, these tales will creep in through the cracks when you aren’t looking to linger in your mind long after you have closed the book. Keep the lights on because you’re about to read Dangers Untold.

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Praise for Dangers Untold

“This anthology made a point to seek out different angles on horror. The classics are great, but there is a lot more out there and you will find it here. Oracle bones that bleed, sea monsters of old, piecing together the soul, soul collectors this collection is challenging and bold in scope.”
— Jamie O’Connell, To The Bone Reviews

“Dangers Untold is definitely worth a read. There are some outstanding stories here and the unique take on monsters and fear is really interesting. This one comes highly recommended.”
— Alex McDermott, Dark Media