Age Will Be Responsible

Age Will Be Responsible

Old pawn shops, forgotten boxes tucked into attic corners, faces staring silently from the photo frames of time… certain objects seem to whisper more distinctly than others of the strange tales that have marked their journeys from one place and time to another. In “Age Shall Be Responsible,” the fifth short story in my new collection The Knife and the Wound It Deals, a moldering old trunk in a Hollywood Golden Era apartment building long past its prime contains a secret just waiting to emerge from the dusty vaults of history and find a modern day counterpart to complete its terrible past…

I’ve always had a fascination with the World War II era, and part of the narrative of this story was inspired by an episode in the fascinating British television series Enemy at the Door, which explores the uneasy coexistence between the people of the island of Guernsey after the Nazis invaded and occupied the British Channel Islands in the summer of 1940.

Historic photo of World War II damage; Guernsey Grove, Herne Hill; 1944


Image from a World War II Guernsey scrapbook

To learn more about the history of Guernsey and view images from a World War II Guernsey scrapbook, click here to visit the web site for the Brandeis Special Collections Spotlight, which provides “a closer look at items from the treasure trove of the Robert D. Farber University Archives and Special Collections at Brandeis University.”

“He had hold of the rusted chain that worked the room’s only light bulb when the small brown trunk caught his eye. It was just as grimy as the rest of them, but something about it seemed different—important somehow, as if it had been down here all of these years just waiting to be found. The tag was gray-white and half-disintegrated… All that was inside was a tissue-thin wedding dress carefully folded inside yellowing sheets of newspaper…”
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