The sixth short story in my  new collection The Knife and the Wound It Deals is an exploration of the limits of both body and mind when taken to extremes more dark and desperate than most of us could ever imagine. It was one of the collection’s most challenging stories to write and, I suspect, will prove one of the more challenging to read and absorb, as well. Thus, I will let it speak for itself…
“Waking up somewhere that ends up being nowhere, in utter darkness, utterly alone. You haven’t lived a perfect life, but you know this much: no hell could be as empty as this…”

“An unknown hand belonging to an unknown body can either help or harm. Or both… Hands upon your body that your body no longer feels. Violations of your body that your body no longer registers.”

“Rise out of your skin and float freely. Your mind will rejoin your body when both feel saw with each other again… What if some minds and bodies never feel safe with each other again?”

Body Cast from the Lost City of Pompeii

“Do not notice the signs that tell you others have been in this room before you. Do not wonder how long they were trapped. Do not consider how they got out.”

“If you had known about that kind of darkness, you never would have taken your chances against it.”

“Fact: Just because you feel like you are dead doesn’t mean that you are. Another fact: Just because you wish that you were dead doesn’t mean that you will be.”
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