Earth Shall Return Them

Earth Shall Return Them


Skeleton w/ jaw, arm bone, and thighbone from different people

“The mummified corpse was blackened with time and twisted into a fetal position so severe it was almost spherical, but it was still unmistakably human. However, every time Dr. Rahmano looked at it, he had to remind himself that sometimes ‘human’ was a relative term…”

When I came across a news story about the so-called  “Frankenstein Mummies”–bodies unearthed in 2001 during excavations beneath the foundations of an approximately 3,000-year-old house on an island off the west coast of Scotland whose remains researchers determined to be composites of several corpses–I knew there had to be a short story in there somewhere. What bizarre rituals had been at work to create the Frankenstein Mummies? What secrets had been buried forever in those ancient graves?

“The island which existed long before mankind and shall exist long after mankind has gone knows that there are always some who remember…”

My short story “Earth Shall Return Them,” from my new collection The Knife and The Wound It Deals,  journeys back through time to a land where the boundaries between human beings and their gods and goddesses, between nature and mankind–between life, death, and beyond–were as fluid and changeable as the waters that surround an island under threat from forces both tangible and otherwise.

“No swords could stop their flesh now; no man born of Earth could shed the blood of those who had risen from blood itself…”

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