World Horror Convention 2014

This year’s World Horror Convention was held in my own (almost) backyard in Portland, Oregon. I met so many fantastic people and had so many great experiences that including all of them would require a seven-part blog post, but here’s a little sampler. Already looking forward to next year’s convention in Atlanta!

Scully_PartridgeWith Norman Partridge, whose prolific career includes horror, suspense, and the fantastic—“sometimes all in one story,” according to his friend Joe Lansdale. His compact, thrill-a-minute style has been praised by Stephen King and Peter Straub, and his fiction has received three Bram Stokers and two IHG awards.


Firbolg_Table              Alex Scully at Firbolg Publishing’s table in the Dealer’s Room.




With Christopher Rice, New York Times bestselling author whose latest novel is The Heavens Rise.






With Nicole Cushing, author of the novella Children of No One and the recently released novella I Am the New God; and Kate Jonez, author of the novel Candy House and Ceremony of Flies, forthcoming from Dark Fuse in July 2014. I look forward to joining Cushing, Jonez, and so many other great authors at Dark Fuse with my novella The Eye That Blinds, scheduled for release in March, 2015.

Reading2Author reading for Firbolg Publishing‘s latest anthology, Enter at Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning. With editor Alex Scully; author Eric J. Guignard; artist Malcolm McClinton, who illustrated the special hardcover edition of the anthology; author Norman Partridge; me; author Rose Blackthorn; and author Sydney Leigh



At the panel “How To Suck The Best: Writing Vampire Fiction,” with editor and author Nancy Kilpatrick and short story writer and poet James Dorr.





With legendary author William Nolan (and his Stoker award), who has written hundreds of stories in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres.





With Jon Michael Kelley, author of numerous short stories and the dark thriller novel Seraphim.


Scully_ketchWith the man Stephen King called “the scariest guy in America”–Jack Ketchum, author of numerous short stories and over twenty novels and novellas, the latest of which are The Woman and I’m Not Sam.