Nothing but Skin and Bones

Today started off the same as any other, with the taste of burned ash in my mouth. I got the woodstove going and cooked up a pot of cornmeal that tasted almost as foul as the air. But as Uncle Clovis used to say, don’t ever get too good for the things that keep you alive. I’ve been following that advice for years now, ever since the last of us left Rogue’s Valley. It’s been just me and Diggs since then—or just me and Diggs and the bones, that is. That old hound dog sure has the perfect name, and today he proved it. Today old Diggs finally turned up Mama Jarred’s head…

Right in the middle of the lush, blue-green mountains of West Virginia, you’ll suddenly come across flattened, barren stretches of landthe dead moon-surface remains of mountaintop removal.

It sometimes happens with mountaintop removal that old family cemeteries get wiped off the mountain along with everything else. But what happens to those displaced bones in earth that deep and dark? And when the mountains start coming back to life, what else might come back to life along with them?

Find out in my short story “Nothing but Skin and Bones,” available now in Firbolg Publishing’s latest anthology Enter at Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning along with stories by Norman Partridge; Die Booth; Joshua Skye; Nathaniel Hawthorne; Gene O’Neill; John Grover; Edgar Allan Poe; Blaze McRob; H.P. Lovecraft; Gary Braunbeck; Rose Blackthorn; Gertrude Atherton; Julianne Snow; Lawrence Santoro; H.F. Arnold; Michael Meeske; Mark Patrick Lynch; Gregory L. Norris; Tais Teng; Sydney Leigh; Kenneth W. Cain; M.R. James; Eric J. Guignard; T. Fox Dunham; Mary Shelley; K. Trap Jones; and Kevin Wetmore.

home sweet home2

Artwork by Malcolm McClinton

endisbeginningHuman beings—the undisputed top of the food chain, the long-standing masters of planet earth. Or are we? What may be crawling out of the sludge to take our place? What monsters have we created in our labs, factories, and our very own genetic code? In the fourth installment of Firbolg Publishing’s Enter at Your Own Risk series, which pairs Gothic masters such as Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, and H.P. Lovecraft with modern authors of the dark and macabre, the theme is environmental horror. As mankind’s tsunami wave of progress, industrialization, and technology reaches spectacular new heights, sinister things are churning beneath the surface. An unfamiliar stench on the wind. Waters a bit too murky. Soil a bit too red with blood. Progress at a price. A terrible, terrible price. Will we survive? What strange new worlds will emerge from the chaos? With an introduction from Holly Newstein, Enter at Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning explores both the horror of the end and the hope of new beginnings for our planet and ourselves.

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