Supernatural Swine and George, the Haunted Grasshopper

1grasshopper002My father and I both had an interest in—some might even call it an obsession with—death and the great mystery of what comes next. We spent many an hour theorizing and speculating about the possibilities, and we promised each other that whoever went first would send some sign from “behind the veil,” just to give a bit of a “heads up” to those yet to make the journey. When dad died, unexpectedly and far too early, I didn’t think about that promise in the grief and chaos of death’s aftermath. But dad never was one to go back on his word, and soon enough, he found a way not only to give me that “heads up” from the other side, but to play one last prank while he was at it.

Find out how dad pulled it off in my short story “The Hand Game,” included in The Book of the Dead, the latest release from Firbolg Publishing’s ebook series. The collection of true-life ghost stories features historical photos, first-person accounts, and newspaper articles about the strange and supernatural, along with original tales from authors past and present, including Rebecca Walsh; John Mead; Morgan Griffith; Pliny, the Younger; Victoria Pinder; Trishia Peskanov; Jarrod Brown; Joseph Glanvil; Carmen Parsells; Jenean McBrearty; Ted Lonegran; Kevin Wetmore; Jane Marshall; and MORE!

The House of the Past by Clarence John Laughlin; 1947

The House of the Past by Clarence John Laughlin; 1947

Turn the pages of The Book of the Dead to discover a disturbing picture with an even more disturbing secret to tell; an apartment with a dark past and a mysterious, once-a-year visitor; haunted houses, possessed ruins, and unwelcome things that creep into your bed at night; a very sad woman and the far side of the moon; pens that write macabre tales of—and on!–flesh and blood; messages and warnings from the dead (sometimes from the dead themselves); an icy hand on the shoulder and the smell of cigar smoke when no one is smoking a cigar; and curiously determined members of the animal kingdom, including a supernatural swine and George, the haunted grasshopper.


FirbolgBookofDead  A shimmer at the end of a corridor. Lights in a graveyard long after the witching hour. Is that the wind, or something calling out to the living from secret, unseen places? The mysteries of the supernatural have captivated the human imagination for centuries. Tales of specters, hauntings, and unexplained phenomena can be found in every culture across the globe. In addition to modern true tales of terror, The Book of the Dead features true life hauntings from the actual pages of history. Truth can indeed be stranger—and far more terrifying!—than fiction.

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