The Son Who Shattered His Father’s Dream

Scully1“Maybe I dreamed too much,” was all that Mohanlal could say.

“No, dad. Maybe you just dreamed the wrong dream,” was all that his son could reply.

Parents always want the best for their children. But what if “the best” ends up being the absolute worst thing any parent could imagine?

My short story “The Son Who Shattered His Father’s Dream” was inspired by an article in The New Yorker magazine titled “The Empire of Edge,” by Patrick Radden Keefe. It chronicled the rise and fall of a young trader who got caught participating in a huge financial scandal, and focused especially on the trader’s childhood–both the unconditional support and the crushing expectations of the man’s formative years. In fact, I took the title of my story and the anecdote behind it directly from an actual incident in this family’s life. The story was fascinating and, even though the trader certainly did have his fall coming, it was heart-breaking, too, particularly for his family. It got me thinking about the tricky territory parents navigate between pushing their children and perhaps pushing them too hard and way too far–sometimes even straight off of a cliff. So I took all of this and turned it into my own more dark, much more sinister tale.

Read it here along with stories from Nathaniel Lee; J. Sheridan Le Fanu; Rob Smales; JG Faherty; Frank R. Stockton; David G. Robertson; Saki; Jonathan Maberry; A.M. Burrage; Nancy Hayden; Holly Newstein; Patrick Lacey; J.D. Beresford; Joe Powers; K. Trap Jones; D.H. Lawrence; Gregory L. Norris; Aaron Gudmunson; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Lawrence Buentello; Mary Shelley; Bo Balder; Roxanne Dent; Joe Sherry; H.P. Lovecraft; Kurt Fawver; and with an introductory poem by Tanya Jarvik and an introduction by Daniel Knauf.

Passions become obsessions. Obsessions become manias. And sometimes, manias turn into nightmares. What happens when one wants so badly that all else, including sanity and self, isEnterAtYourOwnRisk_Dreamscapes consumed by the bonfires of desire? What happens when one achieves the dream, only to discover the nightmares lurking behind the illusions? Firbolg Publishing’s fifth anthology, Enter at Your Own Risk: Dreamscapes into Darkness, explores the old adage of “Be Careful What You Wish For.” Journey down wishful thinking’s twisted pathways and discover what dark ends and detours await-with an introduction from Daniel Knauf, and featuring stories from D.H. Lawrence, Mary Shelley, A.M. Burrage, H.P. Lovecraft, and more Gothic masters from yesteryear and today… enter at your own risk, and be careful not to make a wish!

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