The Tower of Together

flooded-city-31547-1920x1200Water is epic.

Born in water, made of water, dependent upon it yet unable to live freely in it, drawn toward it, mesmerized, yet wary, even terrified, powerlessness in power.

Water is primal, essential…epic.

In its own way, so is adolescence, that tsunami stage of life where one is pulled out to sea, pulled under, tossed by the waves, only to emerge on the shores, battered yet full of life and energy, reborn of water into a newly washed world.

when women were birds

About one year ago, water filled my mind. I had been reading Terry Tempest Williams’ remarkable book When Women Were Birds: Fifty-Four Variations On Voice, a lyrical tour de force through myth and legend, personal reflection and global history, poetry and song and so much more. I also saw Robert Redford’s equally remarkable performance in director J. C. Chandor’s film All Is Lost, a mesmerizing tale about a man lost in a seemingly unforgiving sea a seemingly uncaring world.


misc-underwater_00214965All of this water and air and hope and hopelessness seemed a perfect setting for a young girl, trapped in a “Tower” both real and symbolic, who must make her way through an underwater world to eventually emerge into the light. And so my first Young Adult novel, The Tower of Together, was born. Many thanks to my publisher, Michael Randolph at Eldritch Press, and to my editor, Sydney Leigh, for helping me to get the manuscript in top-notch shape. Also many thanks to Mikio Murakami of Silent Q Design for working with me to produce such a stunning cover.

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11295827_881303621941061_2018005442054162578_nWhen a series of environmental disasters leave a small coastal town completely underwater, fourteen-year-old Greenleigh ends up stranded with a group of teenagers in a building known only as the Tower. Cut off from civilization, they must learn how to survive in a world without any of the conveniences they once took for granted. When a power struggle develops between Leo, a charismatic but potentially dangerous outcast, and Greenleigh’s older brother Ilkka, the group’s reluctant leader, everyone must choose their alliances carefully.

Prickly but fragile, independent yet insecure, Greenleigh is caught between her loyalty to her brother and her growing attraction toward Leo. When the group decides to leave the Tower on a dangerous journey to the only house left in town, the mysterious Lloyd mansion on top of the High Grounds, they must face not only the aftermath of the flood, but fellow survivors who prove even more dangerous than the disaster itself. With the group’s immediate survival and hope for rescue at stake, Greenleigh must make choices that will determine not only whether or not she survives, but what kind of person she will be if she does.

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