Look at the Dog, Dog at the Look

6a00d8341d6c1953ef013485a42f0d970c“Look at the dog, dog at the look,” she said, pressing her right pointer finger straight into the widest, deepest center of the crack…

Three-legged dogs.

Reverse Mirror Symmetrical/Symmetrical Mirror Reverse

Purple beetles riding on top of purple beetles, all the way down.

1197148248111461768srd_green_beetle_2-svg-hiSan Fransisco, a Shadow City with hidden crouch ends…

And then, tying it all together, a crack in the wall.

A crack that makes you reach out and give it a try…










Find out what comes out when the crack opens up in one of my stranger stories, “Dog at the Look,” available in this fully illustrated, epic-level new anthology from Dark Regions Press:

What does it mean to be alive? What does it mean to be real? What does it mean to exist? And most importantly, what does it mean to be human? Twenty-four mind-bending works by some of the best in the business explore humanism through science fiction’s various sub-genres, split into three sections by poetic law.


Bram Stoker Award winning editor Michael Bailey brings sci-fi back to Dark Regions Press with heart in this genre-bending anthology of dark science fiction and poetry: You, Human. With fiction illustrated beautifully throughout by world-renowned artist L.A. Spooner, with poetry and spot illustrations supplied by the always-impressive Orion Zangara, and with an incredible introduction on humanism by New York Times bestselling author F. Paul Wilson, You, Human is a triumphant return to science fiction for Dark Regions Press, initiating the new Dark Regions Sci-Fi imprint as book #1.

you-human-front-500px-heightAvailable in either e-book or paperback

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