B.E. Scully

The Child in the Cradle-Grave; or, If Hans Christian Andersen Had Been a Twisted Type Like Me

“The woman’s grief had almost become perverse determination by now—not to have a child to raise and love, so much, but simply to have one that did not either destroy her or die.” Ah, children, the joy of one’s life. And yet. One old woman, alone for many years in the forest of her own […]

Look at the Dog, Dog at the Look

Look at the Dog, Dog at the Look

“Look at the dog, dog at the look,” she said, pressing her right pointer finger straight into the widest, deepest center of the crack… Three-legged dogs. Reverse Mirror Symmetrical/Symmetrical Mirror Reverse Purple beetles riding on top of purple beetles, all the way down. San Fransisco, a Shadow City with hidden crouch ends… And then, tying […]

The First and (Maybe) Last Ride of Dan’s Death-Defying Death Car

The First and (Maybe) Last Ride of Dan’s Death-Defying Death Car

“Some of the corpses were out in the open and some were hidden where only the locals could find them. But every town had one, at least every town between the stretch of Highway 26 that started at Hillsdale in the south and ended at Crescent in the north. Broken skeletons bleaching in the sun, […]

My Big, Messy Election Year Novel: Devils in Dark Houses

There is not one among us in whom a devil does not dwell; at some time, on some point, that devil masters each of us… It is not having been in the Dark House, but having left it, that counts. ―Theodore Roosevelt 2015 to 2016… What a stretch. And with the November U.S. presidential election […]

The Honor of Armadillos

The armadillo had wandered into the middle of the road and stopped. It was either too stupid or too scared to move, even with the truck headed straight towards it. Gilman stared at the animal. Then he stared at the telephone pole twenty-five feet off the right side of the road from where the armadillo […]

The Tower of Together

Water is epic. Born in water, made of water, dependent upon it yet unable to live freely in it, drawn toward it, mesmerized, yet wary, even terrified, powerlessness in power. Water is primal, essential…epic. In its own way, so is adolescence, that tsunami stage of life where one is pulled out to sea, pulled under, […]

The Son Who Shattered His Father’s Dream

“Maybe I dreamed too much,” was all that Mohanlal could say. “No, dad. Maybe you just dreamed the wrong dream,” was all that his son could reply. Parents always want the best for their children. But what if “the best” ends up being the absolute worst thing any parent could imagine? My short story “The […]

The Eye That Blinds

Five years ago, I was a social media virgin. I’d fooled around with message boards and had a brief, unconsummated fling with MySpace for a few months, but for the most part, my already full-blown love/hate relationship with the Internet was limited to binge-surfing true crime sites and late-night impulse shopping. And then my first […]

Supernatural Swine and George, the Haunted Grasshopper

My father and I both had an interest in—some might even call it an obsession with—death and the great mystery of what comes next. We spent many an hour theorizing and speculating about the possibilities, and we promised each other that whoever went first would send some sign from “behind the veil,” just to give […]

Bugs R’ Us: Spitting Grasshoppers, Human Beetles, and the Insect Revolution

Entomophobia (also known as insectophobia):  a specific phobia  of one or more classes of insect. One of the hazards of growing up in rural Pennsylvania was the grasshoppers. Huge and green, and in full possession of that potent insect combination of equal parts relentless energy and mindless dedication to all things survival, these chirping, leaping, […]