coverThe Internet— it’s everywhere and nowhere, full of everybody and nobody. And sometimes, it’s downright deadly. When three college friends graduate with plans to conquer the world, they find out that the world has its own plans to conquer them. As their supposed “real” lives spiral farther out of control, they retreat into the one place where they still reign—the online kingdom of fantasy and masquerade. After a seemingly random accident puts a pair of old-school detectives on their trail, the trio’s tangled web of lies and deception threatens to unravel into consequences more real than any of them could have imagined.

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1625735_551041758327232_1109341641_nPraise for The Eye That Blinds:

    • “An original and exciting thriller that’s as cutting-edge as they come.”–This Is Horror
    • “Three more psychologically flawed characters you’re unlikely to meet again and it’s intriguing to see this love triangle play out, amidst the madness, murder and delusions.” —Amazon Customer Review
    •  “If you’re a bit of a stalker then there’s plenty of tips here on how to take it to the next level, although that’s not an endorsement you should take to heart.” (That one always cracks me up!) —Amazon Customer Review
    • “In today’s world where everything is available online for anyone to see, this novella had me guessing almost to the very end.” —Amazon Customer Review
    • “A seemingly straightforward story that you think you’ll have figured out. But, this twisted story was was anything but straightforward. It’s best to go into this story blind – pun intended.” —Amazon Customer Review

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The knife and the wound it deals(2)Thirteen tales of gothic terror, chilling suspense, and uncanny occurrences, The Knife and the Wound It Deals leaves no strange stone unturned in the journey down the extreme and disturbing pathways of the human psyche. The subtly shocking opening story introduces the terrible monsters that can determine our fate, from external realities like death and time to internal demons like madness, lust, and revenge. With a diverse range of settings, subjects, and themes, this collection connects the traditions of the gothic past to our equally disturbing present: a murder victim who refuses to stay buried; a World War II era wedding dress with a score to settle; the defeat and strange triumphs of death and bodily decay; a routine operation that reveals a horrifying secret world; an ancient burial ground that unearths a most bizarre set of corpses; the compulsions and consequences of desire, ambition, and dread… The Knife and the Wound It Deals—a dark and disturbing exploration of the lurid obsessions, strange twists of fate, and mysterious forces that haunt our darkest midnight hours, plus a sneak preview of B.E. Scully’s critically acclaimed novel Verland: The Transformation.

1625735_551041758327232_1109341641_nPraise for The Knife and the Wound It Deals:

  • The stories are dark, haunting, disturbing, and horrific in their implications. Scully takes the darkness of the human soul, rips it from the hiding places deep within us, and forces us to look the beast in the face.     —Horror Novel Reviews
  • Scully’s a writer who knows how to make the words work. There’s no cheap shot. There’s no crushing eyeball, dripping blood, or torture scene. There is fear. Morbid fear that makes me turn on the light and pray for dawn. Just the way I like it. Poe would be proud.     –The Kindle Book Review

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1431307_9781439282908_coverTrue crime writer Elle Bramasol is drawn into a macabre mystery when incarcerated Hollywood producer Eliot Kingman asks her to write a book about his case. As she delves deeper into Kingman’s murder conviction, she discovers that he possesses a centuries old diary written by an elusive vampire named Verland. Uncovering the transformative secrets held within the diary’s pages, Elle is drawn deeper into both Kingman’s deadly schemes and Verland’s dark world of shadows. When the two finally collide, the stage is set for a climactic battle over mankind’s ultimate prize: eternal triumph over death. But will the Holy Grail of immortality turn out to be the cruelest curse of all?

Exploring the allure of the shadowy places between life and death, between fantasy and reality, and the ultimate power of belief, Verland: The Transformation is a gothic-inspired tour de force, a brooding return to the roots of the vampire genre that goes for the throat from page one until the final, bone-chilling climax.


Praise for Verland: The Transformation:

  • B.E. Scully deftly mixes philosophy, suspense, and humor to create a juicy new twist on the vampire legend.
  • A meditation upon mortality: a thinking reader’s vampire novel.
  • Reading Verland: The Transformation will forever transform your view of vampires.     –ForeWord Clarion Review
  • A subtle book, full of quietly tense moments and deeply philosophical themes
  • Do yourself a favor and grab this one immediately     –Robert Dunbar, author of The Pines and Willy
  • Vampire fiction at its finest.
  • Part detective thriller, horror story and one man’s (vampire) journey through time, Verland: The Transformation shows that vampire fiction is far from dead in the hands of a great writer.
  • Has taken its place alongside such modern vampire classics as Salem’s Lot, They Thirst, The Vampire Hunters, Lost Souls, Carrion Comfort and The Traveling Vampire Show, and also alongside the granddaddy of them all Dracula. It is that good.     –Peter D. Schwotzer, Famous Monster of Filmland
  • Verland isn’t like any vampire book I’ve ever read.
  • More than just a story about a vampire or a horror book. It made me believe. It transformed me.     –Dark River Press

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