Straining muscles, fevered eyes, silent going-nowhere horses that never will arrive. Or is that, in fact, the secret of your going-nowhere circle track— no way forward, no way back. No point of departure, no return, no moving forward or gaining ground—                                                                                  just the journey back around.    

All Writers Are Vampires

Notice us there in the last row of the symphony, snatching at the trembling notes of a violin, seizing the shimmering strains of an oboe to replay later in the greedy solitude of the page. See us there in cafes, parks, and subway lines, stealing snippets of whispered secrets, tucking away confidences and confessions and […]

Rogue Ladies Who Prefer Elephants and Those Who Prefer Them That Way

The Setting: The musty, dusty refuge of a forgotten middle school library aisle The Characters: My 13-year-old self and fellow study hall refugee boy The Sacred Object: Musty, dusty old library book The Turning Point: The discovery of the poem “Lady ‘Rogue’ Singleton, which thrilled me with the confirmation of rogue ladies who prefer elephants […]


Was it worth it? Yes. No. Yes and No. yesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesno yesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesno yesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesno yesnoyesnoyesnoyes… So…

The Answer Is

In wine-infused fevers I call on what I’ve been taught to call God with the connectivity-driven certainty of hearing back. Doom, salvation, heaven, hell; seventy-two virgins, Virgil’s tale– just not the Not-Knowingness of the gut-sick dawn that remains when the fires and phantoms are gone. No words of the prophets written on newly remodeled bathroom […]

Time for One Last Dance

“A tell-tale wind was already rattling the discreetly blackened windows in announcement of winter’s approach. It sounded to Morgan like the spirits of long-vanished dancers click-clacking their heels in some undead cabaret. Sometimes the very walls seemed alive with a thousand hungry eyes still watching from the shadows of time…”           […]

The Death Bus…

has come to town.   But is it on its way in–or on its way out?  

Lucky 13

Sculpture in the underwater museum MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) “There’s no such thing as curses.” “But let’s say there is—then it’s bad luck as long as there’s thirteen of us. Which means we won’t get rescued…” “Until—” “Unless—” Ah, the innocence of children. Just look at them play! A perfect picture of innocence still […]

The Mirror Tells a Different Tale

The Mirror Tells a Different Tale   Police lineup, Los Angeles, California; May 9, 1936 “As for my part in the whole thing, I always figured that if the only evidence the police had was a witness whose memory could be upended by some clown jiggling his foot in a line-up, then the case must […]

Fire Devils

Fire Devils Let it be cleansed, let it be reborn anew.                      Let creation come from destruction,                     as all life must come from death.                                        Let it burn.   Still from Chris Tangey’s footage of a “fire devil” in the Australian Outback “Fire Devils,” a short story from my new collection  The Knife and […]