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Begin with authors Mj Preston, Jake Anfinson, Alex Scully, and me.
Stir together turkey vultures, the mysteries of decomposition, one more Amazon rant (or two), and thoughts on writing from the palace and the gutter.
Bake for approximately one hour or until flames erupt, serve hot with a side of insanity and an apéritif of the absurd, and don’t leave the house again for at least three days and moonlit nights.
“You know, and I know, that I’m here to get my tailypo!” One strange varmint, Jenny Green Teeth, and the book that made me the odd duck I am today at Jim Mcleod’s excellent site The Ginger Nuts of Horror.
Paige Matthews Author Showcase
Read my interview at author Paige Matthews’ web site, including my thoughts on that sticky issue of handling your critics: “When you’re as obsessively passionate about something as artists are with their creations, all criticism is tough, even the helpful, necessary kind. What’s tougher yet, though, is learning to pay attention to the right kind of criticism from the right kinds of sources, and ignoring the rest.
Horror Novel Reviews 
“As long as there are enough anal rapes and eviscerations and child killings thrown in, stories that suffer the same entirely predictable lack of imagination are given a “dark and edgy” pass out of Clichéville…” Read my guest blog “Shadows Born of Light: A Call for the Full Color Spectrum in Dark Fiction and Horror” at Matt Molgaard’s site Horror Novel Reviews.

AnthoCon 2012
Click the link to check out my write-up and pictures from the 2012 AnthoCon convention held each year in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Occupy Horror 
“The revolution is underway. The mindlessly commercial, the undistinguished and barely literate will no longer be allowed to utterly dominate the genre. Not without a fight anyway.” Read my contribution to this fantastic interview series at Robert Dunbar’s Uninvited Press, which also includes authors Ramsey Campbell, Ron Malfi, and Jameson Currier.

“There are an awful lot of people making an awful lot of money right now by promoting the idea that ‘Yes, you, too can become a bestselling author with just a story, a dream, and a nice chunk of self-pubbing change.'” My thoughts of self-publishing and more at

Inspiration Forum

“Don’t worry about the money; don’t worry about the ‘industry;’ and don’t let anyone stop you from taking your work as far as you can go. Once you’ve made a magical thing, more magical things will follow in its path, even if that path is not always obvious or the one you’d originally planned.” Read my advice to writers and readers at the Inspiration Forum web site.

Vampires Everywhere and Not a Drop of Goth!

An interview with Alex McDermott on Dark Media City in which I talk about Sturm und Drang, NIN lyrics in relation to vampire Sehnsucht, lesbian meerkats, and going to the edge of the abyss.

An interview with Nomar Knight that explores heavy topics like the mysteries of death and whatever comes next; the love/hate alcohol-fueled lunacy known as writing; and why it’s better to be rock star than an author.

This one’s about how Phil Spector, James Cameron, Dave Navarro, and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) influenced my book, as well as a range of subjects from hawk mysticism, German-Irish bloodlines, and the conundrums of vampire lust and immortality.

My first interview for Verland award goes to who got things started by exploring the in-between vampire spaces and shadowy places of society’s ultimate outsiders.

Radio Interview at Alchemy of Scrawl 
Coral Russell and I discuss the state of Gothic literature, the appeal of vampires, the mysteries and power of death, and El Paso, Texas, home of the strangest pawn shops in the U.S.A.

M.R. Interviews….. B.E. Scully    “A lot of vampires these days are little more than serial killers with a blood fetish, or heartthrobs with particularly long life spans.” Check out my interview on horror author M.R. Gott’s site!