My five line tribute to sexy summer sultriness is included in the special Winter/Summer 2012 issue of Poetry Quarterly . It’s jam-packed with poems, and you can read the issue for free at the following link: Issues & Bios or purchase the paperback edition here.

The Moth

Some creatures seem determined to self-destruct–fluttery-fire death wishes in my poem “The Moth,” which can be read for free at the ezine Twilight Times along with a selection of fiction and feature articles. Click  here  for table of contents links.

The River(s)

      My poem The River(s) is included in the Spring 2012 Edition of Poetry Quarterly, which features poems by Sam Cornish, Poet Laureate of Boston, and an interview by Doug Holder. It can be purchased in paperback or enjoyed for free at the following link: Issues & Bios

The Freeze

Here’s a little poem for the deep freeze, inside and out…The Freeze

          Publication Jan. 2011, Every Day Poets