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Look at the Dog, Dog at the Look

Look at the Dog, Dog at the Look

“Look at the dog, dog at the look,” she said, pressing her right pointer finger straight into the widest, deepest center of the crack… Three-legged dogs. Reverse Mirror Symmetrical/Symmetrical Mirror Reverse Purple beetles riding on top of purple beetles, all the way down. San Fransisco, a Shadow City with hidden crouch ends… And then, tying […]

The Philosopher’s Way

“One evening a tap-tap-tapping and the faint smell of wintergreen candy drifted into the study from the hallway. When the unmistakable cat’s head cane and black bowler hat appeared in the doorway, Stephen didn’t bother to ask how Stilts had gotten into the locked house. He didn’t bother to wonder why, despite the decades that […]

The Oracle Bone

The Oracle Bone The Horror Society’s Dangers Untold anthology, which includes my short story “The Oracle Bone,” is now available for purchase! “We think a monster can at least be killed; it’s flesh and blood. Therefore it can die. If it doesn’t die, it will always be there—lurking in our shadows.” Dangers Untold isn’t your […]