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The First and (Maybe) Last Ride of Dan’s Death-Defying Death Car

The First and (Maybe) Last Ride of Dan’s Death-Defying Death Car

“Some of the corpses were out in the open and some were hidden where only the locals could find them. But every town had one, at least every town between the stretch of Highway 26 that started at Hillsdale in the south and ended at Crescent in the north. Broken skeletons bleaching in the sun, […]

The Son Who Shattered His Father’s Dream

“Maybe I dreamed too much,” was all that Mohanlal could say. “No, dad. Maybe you just dreamed the wrong dream,” was all that his son could reply. Parents always want the best for their children. But what if “the best” ends up being the absolute worst thing any parent could imagine? My short story “The […]

Nothing but Skin and Bones

Today started off the same as any other, with the taste of burned ash in my mouth. I got the woodstove going and cooked up a pot of cornmeal that tasted almost as foul as the air. But as Uncle Clovis used to say, don’t ever get too good for the things that keep you […]

World Horror Convention 2014

This year’s World Horror Convention was held in my own (almost) backyard in Portland, Oregon. I met so many fantastic people and had so many great experiences that including all of them would require a seven-part blog post, but here’s a little sampler. Already looking forward to next year’s convention in Atlanta! With Norman Partridge, […]

Treasures in the Attic

The thrill of blowing the dust away from a long-forgotten trunk or exploring the hidden treasures of shadowy attic corners–there is something voyeuristically fascinating about the debris and detritus of other peoples’ lives. Take care before cracking that lock and opening the lid, though. You never know what–or who–has been waiting patiently among the cobwebs of […]

What Lies Beneath

What could be worse than a violent death in a dark alleyway? Or dead bodies that aren’t actually dead yet—but soon will be? Fiends like Jack the Ripper and the persistent terror of premature burial both haunted the imagination of Victorian society. Only sometimes, such terrors proved anything but imaginary… True crime meets its equally […]

Secrets of Flesh and Bones

It’s truly amazing what kinds of things people get up to behind closed doors… True crime meets its equally bizarre match when dark fiction authors pair up with original illustrations from the Victorian tabloid The Illustrated Police News in Firbolg Publishing’s latest release, The Rogues Gallery: The Illustrated Police News, which includes my flash fiction […]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Deadest of Them All?

“Beauty’s a doubtful good, a glass, a flower, Lost, faded, broken, dead within an hour; And beauty, blemish’d once, for ever’s lost, In spite of physic, painting, pain, and cost” –William Shakespeare Ah, the power of beauty to bewitch and beguile, to captivate–and to kill. What price would you be willing to pay for beauty? […]

Secrets Beneath the Sacred

  Light a candle and place it in the shadowy corners of an ancient cathedral. Now sit back and wait for the awe-inspiring silence of the ages to flood the soul and inspire the spirit. But wait…beneath that silence—far, far beneath, in the hidden catacombs and secret corridors below—lurk secrets and skeletons of a decidedly […]

I Think We Might Have a Tiny Problem… or Two

Rats. There’s just something about those creepy kinds of critters that slowly but surely chew their way through walls and settle down to stay. Chances are there’s one in your house right now, sniffling at the wallpaper or scratching beneath the floorboards. In fact, there may even be more than one… and they might have […]