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The Son Who Shattered His Father’s Dream

“Maybe I dreamed too much,” was all that Mohanlal could say. “No, dad. Maybe you just dreamed the wrong dream,” was all that his son could reply. Parents always want the best for their children. But what if “the best” ends up being the absolute worst thing any parent could imagine? My short story “The […]

The Philosopher’s Way

“One evening a tap-tap-tapping and the faint smell of wintergreen candy drifted into the study from the hallway. When the unmistakable cat’s head cane and black bowler hat appeared in the doorway, Stephen didn’t bother to ask how Stilts had gotten into the locked house. He didn’t bother to wonder why, despite the decades that […]

Earth Shall Return Them

Earth Shall Return Them     Skeleton w/ jaw, arm bone, and thighbone from different people “The mummified corpse was blackened with time and twisted into a fetal position so severe it was almost spherical, but it was still unmistakably human. However, every time Dr. Rahmano looked at it, he had to remind himself that […]